Friday, 6 January 2012

View the Minecraft Hacks in action

If you would like to see demonstration of our Minecraft Hacks you can watch the video here:

Minecraft Hacks Updated - January 2012

Hello everyone! Just posting to let everyone know that our Minecraft Hacks have just been updated a verified to work on the latest version of Minecraft (January 2012).

The Minecraft Hacks now have a few extra features, these features are:

  • Minecraft Fly Hack - This allows you to fly through the map.
  • Minecraft Speed Hack - This Minecraft Hacks makes you run 3 times faster than normal.
  • Minecraft Anti Fog - This removes all fog from the map.
  • Minecraft Wallhack - Makes you see other players through the wall.
  • ESP - Lists players names and position through walls.

Please be aware that you will always find the most recent version of our hacks on our website:

Welcome to the Minecraft Hacks blog

This blog is dedicated to informing you about updates to our Minecraft Hacks and where you can download them. If you are not already farmiliar with our website, we operate which can be accessed from this link: Minecraft Hacks

Let's face it, working Minecraft Hacks are not easy to find and if you do find a minecraft hack that works it will almost certainly have been patched by the developers of minecraft. So this still leaves one with the issue of finding minecraft hacks that work on the latest version of minecraft. This is where we come in. Our minecraft hacks are updated monthly, this ensures that the hacks remain undetected and working.